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Donations Wish List

Below is a wish list of items we'd love donations for. Maybe you have extra around your home to donate. Or perhaps you don't mind picking up an item or two at the store next time you are shopping. Please drop off any donations at the Youth Formation Office and mark it "Bible Camp". Thanks!

Thanks for all the donations received so far. This list is updated 5/11. Some things have been removed (we've got plenty of popcorn tinsm baskets and small fabric remnants).

  • Butcher Paper (black,brown, green, yellow)
  • Plastic Table Rolls - Orange, yellow
  • Animal Print or African designed anything - for example: fabric (at least 1 yard), plastic table rolls, paper
  • Large woven baskets (at least a foot tall)
  • Raffia table skirts
  • Crates
  • Tape - Clear Packing, Blue Tape, Duct Tape (particularly black)
  • Stuffed animals - (Lions, Elephants, Giraffes etc.)
  • Anything that looks African

We'd also like to borrow these items...for now just let us know you have them and are willing to lend them to us.

  • Power Wheels jeep
  • Tent - 1 or 2 man tent , other miscellaneous camping supplies


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